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The ShatterColors Literary Review was founded by Robert Scott Leyse and launched in the spring, 2006.

If SCLR has a mission aside from the obvious one of publishing good writing, then it's 1) to promote vividness of emotion in literary endeavors, and 2) to demonstrate that "literary" and "entertainment," far from being at crossroads with one another, are essential to one another.

SCLR has no stylistic preferences, as long as style is devoted to capturing and illuminating emotion -- of any variety -- and carrying tone.

SCLR steadfastly avoids regionalism, welcoming work from all corners of the globe; nor will readers encounter anything resembling a political stance -- politics has nothing to do with creating compelling works of the imagination.

SCLR unreservedly respects the literary canon and has no use whatsoever for imbeciles who feel their worthless little fly-by-night literary movements are going to supercede the great works, which they have neither the wit to comprehend nor the range of feeling to enjoy, that have been written throughout history.

The only thing SCLR's really interested in preaching is that the best writing tingles in one's nerves.



The editor's other baby, co-founded
with Edward Haven:

Sliptongue deals
with erotic themes,
utilizing both text
and illustrations,
and is for adults only.






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