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Submisssions of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction are considered during the month of August. ShatterColors will unfortunately be unable to respond to submissions sent outside of the month of August.

Please note that rejection notices are NOT sent: if you do not hear from us within twenty-one (21) days after submitting your work it means we have declined to accept your work.

I) Fiction
Short stories and novel excerpts between 1,200 and 12,000 words in length. Subject matter is anything that occurs within the realm of actual human experience and obeys the laws of biology and physics (i.e., no SciFi, fantasy, monsters, et al); aside from that, no preference as long as it's given an emotional treatment. SCLR realizes "emotional" is extremely general terminology, open to an endless variety of subjective interpretations: we've no wish to restrict authors to the shades of emotion they wish to convey. Authenticity and vividness of the conveyance is SCLR's only real criteria for acceptance.

II. Poetry
No length requirement; subject matter is identical to that of fiction, above. However, SCLR only accepts formal poetry: narrative, lyric, ballads, epigrams, sonnets; in other words, r
hyme schemes and even metered/syllabled lines. Non-formal poetry submissions will be deleted unread. Please send "free verse" elsewhere.

III. Nonfiction
Articles, essays, criticism, and reviews between 1,200 and 12,000 words in length that deal with the subject of literary fiction and poetry, past and present: composition, style, characters, specific books or authors. Also, human interest features on virtually any subject under the sun, except for politics. Should not be burdened with specialty language -- must be able to interest those who may not have previous exposure to the topic.

General Information
Regarding all Submissions

How to submit: For fiction and nonfiction paste one piece into the body of an email. For poetry paste up to five poems into the body of an email. In all cases, put the word "SUBMISSION" in the subject line. File attachments will be deleted unread. Cover letters are optional. Previously published works and simultaneous submissions OK.

It is assumed that authors have mastered the simple art of cleanly pasting web-destined text into the body of an email: messy submissions will not be read, because we lack the time to manually clean them up.

email all submissions to:

shattercolors [[AT]] gmail [[DOT]] com

Compensation: SCLR pays no money for accepted submissions at this time. SCLR gladly displays the banners of, and provides links and professional contact information for, all authors of accepted work. Authors may submit a book cover image for posting on the page where their work appears.

Rights and archiving: SCLR asks for no rights whatsoever, save the right to publish an author's work. In other words, the original author retains all rights to his/her work. After appearing on the SCLR home page for an unspecified period, work will be archived on the SCLR Web site, where it may remain unless the creator of the work requests that it be removed.

Thank you,

The Editors





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